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Music Producer & Composer for media

Lukas Geppert is a media composer and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from

Bayreuth, Germany, he was classically trained at the Markgraefin Wilhelmine performing arts

high school. However, producing for local bands led him to pursue his undergraduate in Music

Technology at the University of West London.

Lukas obtained his master's degree from the renowned USC Screen Scoring program, where

he was personally mentored by Thomas Newman and educated by the prominent faculty

including Pete Anthony, Garry Schyman, and Lolita Ritmanis. He further enhanced his

hands-on experience in recording at studios such as Warner Bros. Studio, Silent Zoo, and


Due to his technical background, Lukas is highly passionate about producing, mixing, and

mockups. His skills led him to assist composers such as Klay Shroedel, Patrick Rundblad,

and Armin Haas. Lukas’ diverse portfolio includes several shorts, games, commercials, and

music for the documentary series FC 24/7. Besides scoring, he also has a fervor for

songwriting and pop music production.

Check out Lukas arrangement of "Tommi" by AnnenMay Kantereit for the documentary series "FC 24/7".

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